Role of Technology in Monitoring Driving Behavior

DRVR Solution to Monitor Driving Behavior
  • Driver education and training (implementing a practical driving/riding test would be a great start)
  • Subsidies on helmets & high visibility closing
  • With a tiny fraction of this money a “smart helmet/clothing” could be developed which would be able to detect impact and potentially notify roadside assistance volunteers — this could be paired up with the proposed DRVR app. You could even reward people for using the smart helmet
  • Improvements made to lighting on rural roads
  • Mapping of accident black spots
  • Fixing the poor state of roads some of which are death traps for motorcyclists
  • A realistic maintained budget for roads (if there is money being spent on this it’s clearly not being spent on roads — we spoke to the department of rural roads and they claimed they only had enough budget to have 7 vehicles across the whole country to inspect and monitor roads
  • Give ownership and responsibility to one person/department
Sena Smart Helmet



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