Introducing the new DRVR BI Dashboard (Part 2)

Fuel Efficiency Analysis

Fuel efficiency analysis gives you necessary insights into how you can conserve fuel and maximize the total fleet efficiency. This is highly important as it allows you to make significant savings in costs. You can see which vehicles are performing better, get insights on when maintenance needs to be done, when and if it is necessary to provide training for drivers, and how efficiency can be optimized through route optimization.

Fuel Theft Analysis

Fuel theft is a widely spread problem, which costs businesses large sums of money. Most likely your business is no exception! This page gives you vital insights on where, when and how much fuel is stolen, helping you implement policies and training for drivers, as well as minimize fuel theft to the maximum.

Time Idling Analysis

Reducing your fleet’s idle time is vital as it can save you a significant amount of costs incurred from avoidable fuel usage. Idling for one hour can use up as much as a gallon of fuel and increase your maintenance costs for wear and tear. Similarly to fuel theft analysis you can see visualization of the locations where your vehicles are idling, how long they are idling, and the average idle time for the entire fleet. Making it easy to understand when and how changes should be implemented.

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