Introducing the new DRVR BI Dashboard

  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Theft
  • Fleet Idle Time

Fuel Consumption Analysis

Here you can see the data visualization of the fuel consumption by your fleet, or specific vehicle models, and compare it with the average consumption of other fleets in your country. This easy to understand data visualization will help you gain instant and longer-term insights and enable better informed decision making and data analysis even for nontechnical decision makers. As you can see there are various data sets provided for you, and you can select different criteria for measuring fuel consumption of different fleets or separate vehicles all while also comparing to the country average performance.

Are you interested to learn more about this amazing BI Dashboard, that will ultimately help you optimize your fleet?

Follow our Facebook page and stay tuned for updates to learn more about Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Theft and Time Idling Analyses. If you cannot wait to try out this amazing analytics tool already you can always contact us at



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