GPS Tracking For All Vehicles In Thailand?


Singapore currently has a universal system for road pricing and tolling. All vehicles sold on the island are fitted with a telematics device which is primarily designed for use in the Tollway and parking systems across the island. A large project is underway to introduce a GPS system in 2020 to replace the gantry based system currently in place.

South Africa

South Africa experienced an explosion in crime following the end of Apartheid. This led to most vehicles being fitted with not one but two GPS systems to reduce the incidents of car theft, car-jacking and kidnapping. This led to a huge growth in the South African GPS industry.

European Union

Since 2018 all cars sold into the EU market have been fitted with devices which are part of the EU wide e-call program. These devices are not designed for GPS tracking but rather for detection of accidents. This program has cost billions.


GPS tracking is mandatory in the Xinjiang autonomous region on all vehicles. Again like South Africa this is primarily a safety and security use case.



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