DRVR’s growing business continues to expand it’s team internationally

Join us in welcoming these talented members whose onboarded to the team!
Alain joined us as a new CFO — he’s a number cruncher!

Introducing our new CFO — Alain Barthez!

Alain has joined us in the position as our chief financial officer holding an important role in the company!

Joy joined us working as an Operations Analyst!

Welcoming Joy — Our Operations Analyst!

Our newly joined operations analyst, Joy, is an experienced analyst in her role working in the telematics industry with many years of experience!

Hsu joined us as a Customer Success Manager!

We have Hsu — our Customer Success Manager!

Hsu joined us and worked with us from Myanmar! Hsu, with years of experiences with GPS installations has taken the responsibilities in handling the technical side for our devices over in Myanmar.

Tam is joining us as a Finance Intern!

Finally — our new intern Tam Pham!

Tam is our finance intern responsible for assisting and overlooking our financial operations. She’s a passionate and hardworking spirit with an strong background in finance, commercial law, and accounting.

Interested to join our fast-growing team?

If you are a dynamic person who loves to work in a diverse environment and enhance your professional experiences then DRVR is the right place for you!



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