DRVR wins the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2020

TechNode Global has recently announced the winners for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2020 — and we’re delighted to announce that DRVR have been selected as the winner for the “Best Logistics and LMF Start-up” awards 2020! Hooray!

Congrats to us and all other winners in every categories! A well-deserved win to all these companies.

We were one of the 5 winners for the “Best Logistics and LMF Start-up” awards category

This award marks a great achievement for us because it reflected DRVR team’s effort in developing innovative products to make Asia’s fleet the most cost-efficient and enables fleet management to be more convenient and effective than ever.

We have launched a number of new products (top 3) and continue to enhance our award winning fleet management product.

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Our vision is to connect the vehicle fleets of Asia and become the region’s leading fleet analytics platform www.drvr.co