A Tale of Four Gulf Interns

DRVR had the pleasure of having four interns over the last three months from Saudi Arabia. This was a 100% remote internship and an interesting experience for us and an amazing learning experience for the interns. They tell their story here today. Thank you to the Misk Virtual International Internships Program and the universities involved in this program.

DRVR interns come from all over the world — From Singapore to Suomi

Interning in DRVR

It has been an extremely interesting 5 weeks interning in DRVR so far, We are working on identifying the potential opportunities of DRVR expanding to the Gulf region which would be a whole new market for the company and could be a major stepping point.

What we’re working on

We are working on many interesting tasks for example, we have identified competitors, and what it takes to open up a business in Gulf region and the estimated cost that foreign businesses encounter, and are working on projecting future potential cash flows when the company decides to expand to the region.

What we have learned so far

This internship is helping us gain experience in start-ups and what it takes to open up a business and the challenges that are faced by entrepreneurs. This has been an amazing learning experience. It has given us a great understating of the business where DRVR operates in. Many thanks to David for being such a helpful mentor to us though out this internship and hopefully we will continue to learn and improve.

An interview with DRVR interns

My name is Ghaida Alabdullah, currently interning in DRVR as part of the Misk Virtual International Internships Program, I’m interested in entrepreneurship and finance

I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I’m final year finance student at King Saud University

I’m currently spending my summer vacation in interning virtually in DRVR

DRVR is a startup that provides automotive services which I think was a great

opportunity because I am interested in startups and entrepreneurship

I have decided to intern in DRVR because I was really inspired by the company and it seemed like a great learning opportunity

I would love to be an entrepreneur and have my own successful business in the future

I think the biggest challenge was getting to learn about a whole new industry that I haven’t been exposed to before but I think that has helped me improve my research skills

My name is Osama Hunaidi. I am Studying At Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad university, and My major is Finance taking an internship training at DRVR Co Ltd that supervised by Misk Virtual Internship as a business analyst .

Where are you from ?

I am from Saudi Arabia, Qatif City

Qatif Beach & Castle
Qatif Castle

I am studying Finance

I am doing an internship program at DRVR Co Ltd. Due to the requirements of my university that needs to obtain my Bachelor’s degree

DRVR Co Ltd idea is to Bringing the Internet of Things to fleet management, they use big data analysis centered on driver behaviour patterns to help business:

- Improve the efficiency of its fleet

– Reduce the direct costs of operating its fleet

- Deliver improved customer service

- Gather critical data to help grow the business

DRVR Co Ltd. Provide services like :

1- Car Share Application

2- Insurance APP

3- Fleet management services Platform

Well, because DRVR meet the needs and requirements that every Finance student have, and would like to show his effort on new environment from what he learned in his university. That’s things makes me feel comfortable, especially when it comes to a startup company like DRVR Co

Ltd that needs to expand to the global which make the company show their mission and vision expand to other countries to gain the competitive advantage over its competitors, which seems like great opportunity to learn a lot of things to me.

Well I divided My hopes into to goals:

My Short term goal is to be in a respectful company and has a great reputation. My long term goal is to obtain the CFA level, to be a financial analyst specialist.

Internship challenges do hit hard because it is the first time I am in such an environment and aren’t very familiar with work-life issues. The good thing is that I was already aware of these internship challenges, and I can handle them. For example; Time management and I improved this skills during my internship

My name is Suha Alnashri. I am creative and ambitious young woman and I have dreams and goals to build my future and become a very successful entrepreneur. I like to read about financial instruments especially derivatives ( forwards, futures, swaps and options). I have also found enjoyment and creativity in painting.

I am from Saudi Arabia, and I was born and raised in Jeddah.

I am a fresh graduate and I studied finance at King Abdulaziz University based in Jeddah.

My teamwork and I are conducting a market research of the Gulf Region to help DRVR to expand.

It helps in managing your fleet of vehicles by developing an easy-to-use app to help your business be more efficient. It will also enable you to quickly summarize large amounts of real-time data into easy to understand metrics and KPI’s.

I have chosen to take an internship in Misk Foundation. Misk is a strong institution that offers trusted companies for fresh graduates to start experiencing the workplace. As a fresh graduate I needed to apply my abilities in a challenging environment like DRVR company. I received the offer and I immediately accepted to work in DRVR because it’s trusted and an attractive place that helps me gain a range of different skills.

I’ve always wanted to be a successful business woman and depend on my own.

My big challenge was knowing the setup cost of DRVR in the Gulf Region and it was a bit hard to find enough information. In addition, Go-To-Market strategy was a brand new concept that I have learned in this internship, and it was a little challenging to choose the suitable strategy for the company. Of course, meeting management with my teamwork was one of the challenges as it’s my first time working remotely.

My name is Abdulaziz Al-shuqair, currently interning in DRVR as part of the

Misk Virtual International Internships Program, I’m interested in Finance especially

Venture Capital and Investment.

I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I’m senior finance student at King Saud University

I’m currently investing my summer vacation in interning virtually in DRVR

DRVR is a startup that provides an IoT solutions for Fleet management, B2B

car sharing and Insurance application.

Since DRVR is a startup company so for sure I will gain a solid experience

and also Venture Capital is my big concern so it will give me the enough

background for startup to work in Venture Capital.

To own a successful Venture Capital company.

I think at the beginning it was the communication and then it going deep to

the business analysis with hardness to do it due to COVID-19.



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