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2020 have been a rough ride for all of us and despite the bumpy roads that we’ve gone through, DRVR stands strong with it’s talented team.

From developing new solutions, to securing our funding round back in December 2020. As of now, we’re welcoming new members to the team and a farewell to one of our member.

First of all, a farewell to our Technical Support Manager, Zao, whose part ways with us and venturing into his new endeavors. We wish all the best to Zao!

Secondly, DRVR has had talents that joined our team both in Bangkok HQ and…

We are proud to announce that we have 4 new members who joined the DRVR team in Bangkok HQ. Three of which are our core members and we have one young intern joining us!

Let’s learn more about them and their backgrounds.

TechNode Global has recently announced the winners for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2020 — and we’re delighted to announce that DRVR have been selected as the winner for the “Best Logistics and LMF Start-up” awards 2020! Hooray!

Congrats to us and all other winners in every categories! A well-deserved win to all these companies.

We were one of the 5 winners for the “Best Logistics and LMF Start-up” awards category

This award marks a great achievement for us because it reflected DRVR team’s effort in developing innovative products to make Asia’s fleet the most cost-efficient and enables fleet management to be more convenient and effective than ever.

We have launched a number of new products (top…

DRVR had the pleasure of having four interns over the last three months from Saudi Arabia. This was a 100% remote internship and an interesting experience for us and an amazing learning experience for the interns. They tell their story here today. Thank you to the Misk Virtual International Internships Program and the universities involved in this program.

DRVR interns come from all over the world — From Singapore to Suomi

Interning in DRVR

It has been an extremely interesting 5 weeks interning in DRVR so far, We are working on identifying the potential opportunities of DRVR expanding to the Gulf region which would be a whole new market for the company and…

If you haven’t seen our previous blog post on BI Dashboard yet check it out!

We know how complicated it can be to analyze large real-time data, when you need to make fast and effective decisions. This is why we are introducing to you the new powerful analytics tool that will make the life of any, even non-technical decision maker much easier! With DRVR BI Dashboard you can get a quick and effective overview of your key performance indicators (KPIs), and summarize big data quickly to not only find the problems but also identify the solutions.

Here we present to…

Our fleet management platform provides our customers with large amounts of real-time data, but at times this amount may seem overwhelming, and take too long to analyze manually.

This is why we introduce to you our brand new BI Dashboard, which will enable you to visualize large sets of data from your fleet quickly and give you much more time for decision making. With this powerful new analytics tool you can get a quick and effective overview of your key performance indicators (KPIs), and summarize big data quickly to not only find the problems but also identify the solutions.


Or 100 Reasons why the new Driving points system will be a complete farce.

In 2019 the scandal plagued Prayut Government announced that it would introduce a tough new points system for drivers.

As readers of our blog will know Thailand has one of the worst road accident rates for any country.

You can see our previous coverage on this area on some proposed solutions here:

The NEW measures were meant to be introduced in Mid December:

Essentially the idea is to have a points based system where drivers will gain points for certain infringements and when a certain level…

The demand for new innovative ways to reduce costs and boost efficiency continue to drive the fleet industry to undergo a digital transformation. While a lot of the innovations seem like science fiction, many businesses are focusing on developing strategies to ensure they are not left behind. They understand that they need to stick to the best fleet management software to unlock their fleet’s potential.

Below are the latest technology trends in fleet management software and how companies can take advantage of such advancements in technology to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Cybersecurity

The volume of data that fleet…

What’s the role of Technology?

Technology too can play a part. Grab for example has been running a successful motorcycle taxi business in Thailand (albeit illegally). Grab drivers give all of their passengers a helmet to wear.

DRVR has proposed to the Thai government an alternative to mandatory GPS track aimed specifically at vulnerable road users. Rather than try to solve this problem through additional enforcement or using the stick we instead propose a solution which is based on rewarding people for driving safely.

DRVR will develop a smartphone application, which monitors driving behavior and rewards drivers and riders through…

Why does Thailand have such high numbers of road deaths?

This is a very interesting question and one that is hard to answer. We don’t have conclusive evidence based data but we will put forward a number of factors:

· Lower levels of driver education and training

· Limited use of motorcycle helmets

· Uneven and inconsistent enforcement of laws

· Relatively high level of drink driving

· Cultural attitudes

For comparative purposes looking at Indonesia the number of road deaths is 1/3 of the rate of Thailand. …


Our vision is to connect the vehicle fleets of Asia and become the region’s leading fleet analytics platform

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